♫♪  Can Cosmic - “Mysterious Mix”

Here’s what I know about this one: “mysterious mix consisting of quirky re-edits from a totally ‘unknown’ DJ duo from Spain called CAN COSMIC. ENJOY the mysteries of life.. [sic]”

Enjoy, indeed! My cosmopolitan girlfriend tells me that in Spanglish “Can Cosmic” means Cosmic Dog! Here’s 1/24 of your day spoken for. The above quote and mix are culled from Italians Do It Better, a label about whom you can expect to hear more in the future, thanks to their man Johnny Jewel’s recent soundtrack work for the movies Bronson and Drive. For the moment, though, here’s an hour of Spanish concoction. It starts with foreign murmurs akin to the beginning of Nicolas Jaar’s recent excellent record, but eventually makes broad, ecstatic departures. By 1:45, you’ll hear something even more familiar through the slant of some endearing euro accent.

• Italians Do It Better: http://vivaitalians.blogspot.com

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