Captain Murphy
“Between Villains” (ft. Viktor Vaughn, Earl Sweatshirt & Thundercat)

If you’ve ever wondered what a super-villain cypher sounds like, wonder no more. “Between Villains,” the latest installment in the Adult Swim Singles series, sees Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus’ scary, Rick-Ross-by-way-of-voodoo-curse avatar) heading a sinister spitting sesh with Earl Sweatshirt and Viktor Vaughn (DOOM’s alter ego). With help from Thundercat, his usual accomplice, Captain Murphy’s cooked up what’s perhaps his spookiest beat yet; there’s enough funeral piano plonks, guitar trembles, and harp glissandos here to make Umberto’s hair stand on end. And the lyrics are every bit as evil as the instrumentation: a good old fashioned Super-Villian Team-Up where each rapper tries to one-up the dastardly deeds described by the other. Atop the infamous grassy knoll, Vaughn perches, threatening to “drop his bombs on a critic” (hope it’s not Christgau!). Further off in the distance, Earl looms “in the cut/looking for some puss to pick apart,” and Captain Murphy is fixing to “cast a spell upon your bitches.” These guys mean business: Mojo Jojo and Skeletor need to watch their backs.

You can download this track over at Adult Swim.

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