♫♪  Carval Tarek - Nique La Musique de France (Vol. II)

Editions Gravats is that dark, French production company that makes like of shadows in exasperated lengths of whimsy, blending casual social pop-cultural phenom and avant ways of citing resources. Thus, following up with their 2016 tape Nique La Musique de France, Carval Tarek is proud to present the adventure, comedy and levity of Nique La Musique de France (Vol. II).

The release falls between expert productionist mixtape and pure bard storytelling. Romance ensues at harmonious lengths. Action in the experimental crevasses. Hilarity of sonics that only encompass one’s attention and off-put focus. Layers of intrigue. Sharp mystery in dull pencil lead. Forever eating itself and regurgitating in respawn karma. It’s time to live again. Stream Nique La Musique de France (Vol. II) below:

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