♫♪  Cat Temper - Purring for Vengeance

This isn’t something I feel I should be apologizing for.

I was just talking to my friend about the new Jah Division album, and I asked him, are they as dumb as they sound, or are they worth the listen?

His answer: yes and yes.

That’s my answer for Cat Temper. There will be no apology forthcoming.

Let’s get this boring stuff out of the way. Cat Temper is Mike Langlie from Boston. He has played in a “toytronica” project called Twink the Toy Piano Band. He also performs as part of Off-Ox, an instrument post rock band. (I dig that band name, for some reason.)

Ta-daa! You’re not here for that. You’re here because you’re wondering what the hell a thing like Cat Temper sounds like, and I’m going to tell you, and you’re going to listen to me and then to it. Because I get it — I see you there, and you’re like, “I dunno, Purring for Vengeance? Sounds weird.” Oh, yeah, it’s weird. But it’s the best possible weird, because it’s sheer synth-prog maximalism, doled out by an artist whose Bandcamp avatar is a keytar-wielding human with a cat head wearing a t-shirt in the AC/DC font that says ME/OW. The title is a nod to Judas Priest’s Screaming for Vengeance. What more do you really need at this point?

How about a stream of this thing? Do it. Right there. You can get mostly pink tricolor vinyl version of Purring, sure, but preview this, please. Also, if you’re a real head, you can grip the muh-fuggin MINIDISC version of Purring — I know there are AT LEAST six of you out there with a minidisc player. That’s how many are left, out of a run of ten.

I’m an absolute sucker for this throwback 1970s/1980s synthwave stuff, and if it’s good enough to play as an alternate soundtrack for all the exciting bits of Tron that are in my head, so much the better. Purring goes beyond Tron, taking its bizarre conceit to unselfconscious next levels of accessible grandiosity. I want to listen to it forever. Or at least till it ends. Or till I get bored. (Ha! Fat chance.)

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