♫♪  CDX - All Night

We all continue to think that the major decisions that affect the world are made at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a.k.a. the White House, where the smartest and most powerful people in the world, so enabled by the smartest and most discerning voters, live. But we’re wrong about that, and you and I have been wrong about it for a while. The decisions that affect us the most are hashed out far from the most populous and urbane centers of culture. I’m telling you, everything that happens happens because the word has come from Suite 309, Cleveland, Ohio.

Donning his most-powerful-man-in-the-world hat and big-boy trousers, Tim Thornton, Suite 309 honcho and CDX electronic mastermind, steps up like a boss to the hot mic at the office Christmas party and bellows his deep baritone through the PA that “it’s time for everybody to dance — everybody dance now!” Seemingly unwilling to take no for an answer (or even wait for an answer of any kind), Thornton cranks his grimy techno workouts, composed upon the most sophisticated digital baubles and punctuated with the dankest digital filters, and keeps on keeping on to the breaka breaka breaka dawn.

We dance All Night, and we are so ordered again and again, and we are all worn out.

We align in communal exhaustion, knowing it is right, knowing that Suite 309 has the answers and is taking care of us — will always take care of us. This CDX stimulus package, All Night, is a jolt right to the system. Right to all the systems — economic, circulatory, Nintendo Entertainment… you just name it.

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