♫♪  Celestial Trax - Ride or Die

It’s only been about a month since Celestial Trax (a.k.a. Joni Juden) birthed Tonicity EP to ears everywhere, but now the anti-gravity club bumper is hitting up the joint forces of Bootleg Tapes and Purple Tape Pedigree in a grand release of Ride or Die. As Joni claims this EP “is the most club ready batch of tracks I’ve done to the date,” he warmly finds his groove amongst the bombastic electronic ranks of Chemist (featured on Ride or Die as Celestial Trax first producer to producer collaboration), Bootleg label-head, LORD$M$’ Wanton Swoosh, and UK friendlies Plastician and Jam City. Blending timbres of foreign-bodied artificial intelligence with a distance of pure patience, it’s as though the four tracks on Ride or Die have a call-and-response form of communication with each other than anything beat-specific. Aluminum chats with a couple samples of broken glass in the audience as the orchestra plays in a Q&A of synthetics or reality. And with a “140bpm urgency,” Celestial Trax went beyond cutting the break cords by ripping them entirely off Ride or Die.

You think it’s all over when “After All” hits, but them Repeat On and Auto Reverse functions work like a charm when you want to lose yourself in Celestial Trax’s Ride or Die. Bootleg Tapes and Purple Tape Pedigree join forces. Stream the newest EP below and snag the tape ASAP at Bootleg Tapes:

Bootleg Tapes

• Celestial Trax: https://soundcloud.com/celestial-trax
• Bootleg Tapes: http://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com
• Purple Tape Pedigree: http://www.purpletapepedigree.com

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