♫♪  céu - árvore

árvore, Portuguese for ‘tree.’ In the park, listening to the leaves, I’m not alone, I’m online, togetherness.

Say what you will, say you. A friend takes a walk through the park and makes a recording on her phone on the topic of the internet: “Connection, closure, surveillance … I don’t think that the internet is alienating, and I don’t think it’s a problem if people spend their whole day on the internet. There’s a lot of beautiful people on the internet. I’ve met people on the internet that I wouldn’t have met otherwise … Most students think that being on the internet a lot is a bad thing. They’re trying to disconnect to reattain personal relationships like they used to be. But, they can’t, they won’t, it’s impossible.”

Whatever your thoughts, float to the sounds of one of those beautiful people below, and connect to more of them at Online Records.

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