♫♪  Cheekbone - つかの間 [Tsuka no Ma]

つかの間 [Tsuka no Ma] by Japanese artist Kouichi Moriuchi (a.k.a. Cheekbone) is one of three tapes released by recently established Nara-based label Muzan Editions at the start of 2018. I got lost in this one the second I started listening, because I’m a real sucker for gently built up organic drones and beautiful shimmering textures, even if they’re often excessive in length (which, to mine and your advantage, Cheekbone’s つかの間 [Tsuka no Ma], isn’t). Actually, the shortest piece here is my favourite. “Zinn”, not even 2 minutes long, is just magical; warm bass tones are dipped in glistening chimes… and before you know it… it’s over. I also very much enjoyed the opening “Erioclaucin” which sets the peaceful atmosphere, or the deceptively titled “Hidden Dancefloor” (there is no dancefloor whatsoever). “Float On” is the most dynamic (and almost cinematic in its unraveling), while “Slower Eastwind”, perhaps the most peaceful of them all, closes the proceedings.

Only 4 copies of the tape remain as I type these words, so I’m just going to assume that it’s sold out by now. But if it somehow isn’t, grab a tape for sure. It’s real nice.

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