♫♪  Chief Keef - Back From The Dead 3

Back From The Dead 3 is a holiday figure in whom only Linus van Pelt believes. According to Linus, Back From The Dead 3 flies around bringing Sosa on the beat to sincere and believing children on Halloween evening. Every year, Linus sits in a pumpkin patch (a place Linus believes is the most sincere and lacking in hypocrisy) on Halloween night waiting for Back From The Dead 3 to appear. Invariably, Back From The Dead 3 fails to turn up, but a humiliated yet undefeated Linus stubbornly vows to wait for him again the following Halloween. To his great surprise, on October 31, 2018, he heard a voice cry out on the winds, “Turbo.”

Happy Halloween, Tiny readers! Treat yourself below or download here.

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