♫♪  The Chills - “Silver Bullets”

Drunkard. Tie affair, lingering between black and white; silver or white gold? Complementary chains and chainlock. The drunkard did not have enough time to take off his wind-weathered raincoat before the photographer snapped a polaroid, slipping it into the time capsule immediately after the developing process. Other items slipped in to the time capsule just as easily:

On one page, a windblown flag.

Turn to the next page, an eagle in front of a windblown flag.

Upon closer examination, the flag had not been windblown, but ruffled by sculptor’s hands and glued to the sky blue matte painting, before being immortalized by polaroid. The photo shoot took place in a warehouse on the third floor of a former shoe factory. The photo shoot was staged for the benefit of Consumer Reports. I say immortalized, but, down the road, when the polaroids were eventually pulled out of the capsule, time had chewed holes through them.

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