♫♪  Chino Amobi - Airport Music For Black Folk

RIP NON Records. Long live NON WORLDWIDE. The incredibly prolific NON collective continues to bleed an unrelenting stream of experimental musics from its veins, and this one from co-founder Chino Amobi is one of its most captivating. Titled Airport Music For Black Folk, the release gathers seven songs dedicated to cities he’s traveled to in Europe, including a two-part tribute to London. The tracks showcase Amobi’s breadth and range, with heavily processed, deteriorated vocals contrasting sharply with its disconnected death drops from heaven.

There’s also a loose parallel to James Ferraro’s God of London release from 2013, not only because of its cover art (which here trades Lima for Tibby), but because Ferraro’s release also dedicated its title to the city in which he recorded it, which just so happened to be at London’s Heathrow Airport. But if Ferraro’s was the prelude to the champagne apocalypse, Amobi’s is the fiery aftermath, the clumpy remains of capitalist representation too hot to touch and too charred to mean anything at all.

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