♫♪  Chino Amobi, Dedekind Cut & Rabit - “Negative Fire”

I’m at the laundromat. A nice place—only a block or two from my house, tucked away behind a stripmall, it’s always warm inside, free coffee and wifi. I like coming here. I like sitting, waiting. Watching the clothes whirl around in the dryer. I usually listen to new music here—this time, it’s Chino Amobi, Dedekind Cut, & Rabit’s new Adult Swim single, a series that I’ve enthusiastically kept up with over the years (the folks over at Adult Swim have consistently good tastes imo). Streaming Soundcloud on my iPhone, I look up at a whirl of clothes spinning in the dryer, and a cacophony of shattered glass, a robotic voice, and virulent synths break through my headphones. Maybe this is what it sounds like inside these machines, I think. A whirling mosaic of colors, a chaotic blur.

Listen to the violently beautiful “Negative Fire” below—free DL here.

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