♫♪  Chino Amobi - “WHITE MÆTAL”

Angels falling. Life is getting colder. Cellphone signals dropping. Bodies Dropping. Suicide. The Kids is Dropping. No god. The bodies dropping. Chino Amobi is no longer Diamond Black Hearted Boy.

Amobi’s work is thematically infatuated with the metaphorical fall. As DBHB, the fall was beautifully and often disturbingly depicted as the surreal psychoanalysis of net-located alienation. The character was adorned in shiny bronze armor w/ Lacan quotes etched on it’s breastplate, a plumage of smoke billowing from a mind set ablaze by unknown struggle. The dramatism of the music — chained to the impossible, not wanting the real — spoke on internalized oppression violently through the manipulation of unconscious signification: Virginia, Nymphieta, Swarovski, Audi.

While the motives behind the retirement of his previous moniker are unknown, what’s certain is Amobi’s ferocity has only intensified with “WHITE MÆTAL,” a brooding dirge that cuts deep with slick existentialism. Obviously referencing a certain record (or maybe not), we’re given an ontological drop — no god, bodies dropping, no god, smeared bodies on the concrete, (YEAH). Beneath a swath of laser-sharp auto-tune delivery his voice is as raw as ever, coding a rough cigarette growl into the world gone.

“The silence that followed, as the night suddenly stood still, seemed interminable. I wanted to run and yet didn’t move an inch. I was trembling, I believe from cold and shock. I told myself that I had to be quick and felt an irresistible weakness steal over me. I have forgotten what I thought then. “Too late, too far…” or something of the sort. I was still listening as I stood motionless. Then, slowly, in the rain, I went away.”

• Chino Amobi: https://soundcloud.com/chinoamobi

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