♫♪  Chits - Custom Hype

After this year’s successful Kickstarter campaign, Brooklyn space-beat label Astro Nautico is coming up on their first vinyl release after years of excellent digital albums. And the grooved honor of first release goes to Pennsylvania’s Chits. Astro Nautico itself calls Custom Hype a “slow-burner.” And one can tell Astro’s description is apt from the belated comment marks on the SoundCloud embed of the album’s title track. As different parts of the EQ spectrum swell in and out through the song’s five-minute duration, a tension built on slow progression, rather than the increasingly popular EDM “drop,” carries Custom Hype through its five-deep tracklist (not including the standard handful of Astro Nautico roster remixes accompanying so many of the label’s releases).

Look out for Chits’ Custom Hype vinyl on November 26 and listen to the first track on its b-side below:

• Astro Nautico: http://astronauti.co
• Chits: http://soundcloud.com/chits

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