♫♪  Chris Kelle & Brad Rose - “Studies”

A pairing of two stylistically divergent yet complementary tunes, Brad Rose and Chris Koelle’s split seven inches for FET Press’ ongoing “Line Drawings Project” is a brilliant little nugget for your consumption. Rose — best known as the head honcho behind Digitalis Records, as well as recordings under his myriad solo aliases — has for us a track that highlights his mastery of noise and abstract electronics. It careens along on a warbling, insect-like buzz that is paired with an aquatic drone. It takes a minute to familiarize yourself with the sonic qualities here, but once you are it’s engaging in an elegantly weird, hypnotic manner.

Koelle — whose primary work is in art and illustration (fun fact: he did the drawings for this series) — contributes a solo piece that is striking in its simplicity. The sparse banjo plucks are like a breath of fresh air, as something you’d imagine hearing while staring out your window on a drizzly morning. The pairing of Rose and Koelle may seem at first like an odd coupling of musical visions; however, when heard back to back the songs perfectly complement one another. Head here to check out the rest of the series, which includes contributions from Cody Yantis, Anne Guthrie, Norm Chambers (aka Panabrite!), and Nathan McLaughlin, just to name a few. This is a true labor of love, with LP, cassette, and 7” editions of the series available from Desire Path Recordings, Digitalis, and FET-Press, respectively.

• FET Press: http://www.fet-press.com
• Chris Koelle: http://chriskoelle.com
• Brad Rose/Digitalis: http://www.digitalisindustries.com
• Desire Path Recordings: http://www.desirepathrecordings.com

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