♫♪  Chris Lott - Olmec Quark

Olmec Quark is an enigma.

Chris Lott is an enigma.

Falling somewhere between Devo and R. Stevie Moore and — I dunno — Cop City/Chill Pillars (?), as well as nestling perfectly within the Terry Tapes canon, Chris Lott makes a lot of hummable cartoon music. Does it hold its head down and ram it into a jazz session sometimes, like a bull blasting past a matador and through the protective wall of the arena? You betcha.

Does it snuggle up to the yacht rock greats and inhale sea breeze as it passes through well-coiffed and oiled hairdos? Absolutely.

Does it scribble with crayons at the altar of keytar-wielding idiot savants till the sheet music looks like a first-grader’s (admittedly awesome) craft-time masterpiece? Completely.

Does it pretend that pop music is a VHS tape that’s just begging to be exposed to an industrial magnet? Well, sure.

Does it somehow take the piss out of LCD Soundsystem? Duh. (But I don’t know if it knows it’s doing it. Olmec Quark is so sincere!)

Does Chris Lott just want to have a great time making music that sounds like pastel abstract Trapper Keeper art?


The enigma squares itself and passes itself off as geometry. Like it matters in the end with this!

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