♫♪  Christina Vantzou - “Homemade Mountains”

Natural History museums across the country just got their new planetarium soundtracks.

Read aloud at 00:12, á la George Clooney: “Earth. Fragile Earth. At the mercy of a giant ball of exploding gases, it sits tiny within a massive solar system, within a stupefying galaxy, within an incomprehensible universe. Earth… the third planet from the Sun. The first planet in our hearts.”

In her old band The Dead Texan, Christina Vantzou worked with Adam Wiltzie, a member of Stars of the Lid; with “Homemade Mountains,” it seems like Vantzou herself has a fair share of starry and lid-reverent sensibilities. This is unabashed night-gazing music, like sounds for hypnotizing Mercury or to seep from the boombox when you’re making late-night repairs on your Millennium Falcon. Really though, this track, along with the rest of Vantzou’s new album Nº1, does what ambient music is supposed to do: you know, actually lay down some ambiance; a new landscape… like, perhaps, some homemade mountains?

As we reported last week, this piece is the first slice of what was once a single 45-minute track, now divvied up into an album of proper cuts. Check out all of Nº1 when Kranky Records kranks it onto shelves October 24.

• Christina Vantzou: http://www.christinavantzou.com
• Kranky: http://kranky.net

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