♫♪  Chrome Corpse - “With Your Head”

The best accelerationist hope we have for impending pseudo-Skynet Doomsday is that there’ll be some semblance of industrial throb. As hard clanging as whatever methodical shit us humans were able to enact during our time on the planet. Maybe just a few degrees colder. Pounding cement into the earth with every beat, reverb red glow through the fog settling in place.

Sure, our time may be up but who’s to say we can’t enjoy the little things afterwards? I figure we can have a few years of admiration for this neo-industrial nightmare before a Tesla-branded Terminator garrotes you and I with a rusted bicycle chain. No one ever said Hell would be ugly. I think I do remember it being described as loud, chrome, and grimy. Guess we can only speculate on the sound for now, but I’ve got a few ideas.

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