♫♪  Chubby Wolf - “Birthday Suit”

Chubby Wolf was the title adopted by Danet Baquet-Long, who sadly passed away in 2009, aged 26. As one half of the husband-wife duo Celer, she produced an incredible library of music for art exhibitions and labels, along with a mountain of self-released records and tapes. Dani’s husband Will, along with Digitalis records, have collected Danet’s final recordings into Turkey Decoy. Much in the vein of Celer, it’s a collection of graceful ambient drone works that meander between metallic resonance and major key harmony that can’t help but concoct a bit of nostalgia.

Songs like “Birthday Suit” are constantly shifting in subtle ways, with notes randomly piercing through the fog of noise. Apparently, it’s all made from guitars and vocals, but the process has no real connection with the results, and it’s all the better for it. It’s a fitting and welcome tribute to a wonderfully prolific and creative spirit.

• Chubby Wolf: http://chubbywolf.bandcamp.com
• Digitalis: http://www.foxydigitalis.com/rec_index.html

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