♫♪  Chushi - “Breeze”

Russian producer Chushi succeeds last month’s self-released mix with an as mesmeric, super limited edition CD, United, on Los Angeles’s No Coat Records/The Handmade Rug Company.

The featured track, “Breeze,” thumps through wads of near silence, when, like a clock with no hands, ultimately, a few minutes determine your eternal fate. When the drums come in, a lightness. When they return, it’s ominous.

Voices bounce around, in a room, in a head, increasingly confused, but comforting, loosely, loopy, and all of a sudden, like a wet finger stuck into your ear.

It goes deep, deep into the archive, where I’d ask that you also revisit Bort’s piece about Chushi’s ridiculously good 2014 release blue face.

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