♫♪  Cian - “Extend”

Within the blue, green, and speckled pink and grey underwater cover of Cian’s Riparian lies the truth behind “Extend”, the opening track from the soon-to-be-released limited cassette on Entertainment Systems. The cover unveils that layers add up to new arrangements — allowing the relapse of previous movements and tones to transform and elaborate upon themselves into freshly sculpted artifacts to be examined beneath the sea. Scaling along the submerged rocks of “Elements” and viewing your surroundings is easy enough, so long as you have solid footing. As your toes grip into peaceful peaks and dips, climb up and down the synth-led landscape before you. Breath through your newly acquired gills, wave to the fish, and smile as the tide washes above you, carrying the music of “Extend” in it’s foamy mouth.

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