♫♪  CJ Mirra - STATIC - Original Surf Soundtracks Vol​.​1

I myself don’t surf, but if surfing feels like anything close to how CJ Mirra’s STATIC — Original Surf Soundtracks Vol.1 sounds, then surfing is probably something we should all be doing. This compilation by the London-based musician and sound designer evokes both calm sunsets by the seaside as well as humongous waves crashing down on the rocky cliffs off the coast of Scotland, Ireland, The Faroes and beyond.

The genre-lessness of the collection is quite striking — the opening “Destroy Us / Headache OST” is a majestic synth piece, whereas “Hydrogogic Rock” abandons all things synth in favour of a simple guitar arrangement. The poetic and awe-inspiring “Edges Of Sanity” (featuring the Charles Dance) is the clear highlight here though, as Dan Crockett’s poem is beautifully complimented by gentle sound design and vivifying synth arrangements. “The future begs your listening”, Dance utters at the end of the piece as you’re drifting away… Only to be reawakened by the catchy live rendition of “Forest Liquid Light”. Fine, CJ, keep us on our toes.

Delve into STATIC’s waves below and maybe grab some limited vinyl too, while you’re at it.

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