♫♪  Clams Casino - “Bookfiend” [feat. DOOM]

Now playing: “Bookfiend,” in which cricket crunk originator Clams Casino breaks us off with another symphony of whale calls, raindrops, and other samplings straight off the sleep machine soundscape. This time, however, they’re blessed to serve as background fodder for the villainous rants of metal-faced inventor, sorcerer, and world conquerer DOOM, who sounds perhaps a bit truer to form than he did on last year’s Key to the Kuffs. Overall, it’s a sick little tune, one which will likely inspire a gut reaction calling for more from this team-up, but considering the supervillain’s recent track record, it’s just as probable that this is yet another random, singular communiqué dispatched from whichever dank lare he’s currently occupying across the pond.

• Clams Casino: http://www.clammyclams.com
• DOOM: http://www.metalfacedoom.com
• Lex Records: http://www.lexrecords.com

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