♫♪  Clams Casino - “Swervin Instrumental”

First of all, NO: “One of most important producers of the last 12 months.” Like, this bruva ain’t bad, but you could do this shit too via Pro Tools. Or get Audacity. Figure it out. You could be making music for MCs (and everyone’s an MC these days) errywhere in no time. Find ya favorite tunes, junk ‘em together, filter ‘em, and tah-dahh. I encourage everyone out there reading this to make a mix, download Audacity, take out snippets of that mix, filter it, and make it a “new” song. Let’s do this shit once and for all. Errybody got a voice, and now y’all got music to back it up. Also, just make a Twitter. #postmodernismcracksyouropinionandtrumpsyourdreams

• Clams Casino: https://twitter.com/#!/clammyclams

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