♫♪  Clifford Solek - “Rodeo King”

brrd has been one of my favorite artists for a hot minute. His release Towers/Annointing on FaltyDL’s new label Blueberry Recordings was a tantalizing heater. The album showcases a uniquely intelligent audio sensibility; a calculated dose of soul that is sure to tenderize. Stew, the IRL boy behind brrd, recently moved to Århus, Denmark, assumably the happiest country in the world. Shortly following his move, brrd popped out a delightfully zany experimental release brrdVEVO, perhaps alluding to the often overwhelming American consumerism he departed (ooooooooh..).

His latest effort, under the alias Clifford Solek, is 13-and-a-half minutes of quivering ambient beauty. Titled “Rodeo King,” the track is a further embodiment of Bird’s (the actual last name of Stew, who is brrd) sonic brilliance. Turn it on, close your eyes, open your nose, clench your right hand, and you might get a sense of that Danish bliss.

• Clifford Sotek: https://soundcloud.com/seoguru

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