Ready for the early morning hot yoga sesh. Ready for my cup of black coffee. Ready for the office. Ready to log into my computer. Ready to type in my 8-digit password into my HP computer. Ready to eat my strawberry danish. Ready to make 18.50 an hour. Ready to input data into software. Ready to daydream while I’m doing it. Ready to daydream about being on the beach while listening to an ambient mix of the sound of ocean waves rolling on a white-sand beach. Ready to glisten while I’m listening. Ready to be halfway between material and concept. Ready to shrink inside a quark, to stretch my legs in my chair and for the salad that I will be eating, later today. Ready to pray to God.

Chocolate Grinder

CHOCOLATE GRINDER is our audio/visual section, with an emphasis on the lesser heard and lesser known. We aim to dig deep, but we’ll post any song or video we find interesting, big or small.

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