♫♪  Coatic Sequence - “Part 2”

What tethers eye and ear? What modality byproduct makes a standalone work? Coatic Sequence is an audio/visual project from Manchester artists Darren Adcock and Tasha Whittle, whose homemade modular synth - they have named it Glen - responds to drawings made on pressure-sensitive plates. Putting real-time cross-pollination of sound and illustration in play, Glen creates conditions for the serendipitous and unforeseen.

Fractal Meat Cuts is releasing Coatic Plates, a taste of Glen’s output from a Coatic Sequence residency at Islington Mill in 2018. “Part 2” - with its blocky knocks, loop beeps, wiggly waves, burnt crust, and steam hiss - gives a sense of Glen’s playful personalty.

From what I’ve read, having two modalities going at once is what activates a flow state. This project, involving two collaborators who are intently drawing, listening, interacting, feeling, and responding, seems like total flow. The tape comes with abstract drawings made in the process of creating the music. Or is it the other way around?

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