♫♪  CoCo & Clair Clair - POSH


Stumbling aimlessly around the internet, I’ve come across CoCo & Clair Clair’s new album that dropped about a month ago. I’m pretty excited about it — here’s why:

1) I saw them open for Babyfather/Elysia Crampton back in September 2016. It was a really, really energetic show. Lots of fun. An interesting contrast against Babyfather’s blinding lights, abrasive noise, and dense fog.

2) They did a *cover* of Ye’s “Ultralight Beam” that was essentially everyone jumping around and screaming the lyrics.

3) I’ve been listening to this when I go for walks around my neighborhood and for some reason it’s really suited for that?

4) They’re a part of the ATL Renaissance thing that’s been going on for a few years.

5) Their sound falls somewhere between mesmerizing hip-pop and sing-song rap, really spellbinding.

6) Ummmmm just listen to their new album POSH below, it’s a wild ride featuring a slew of talented producers.

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