♫♪  Codex - Codex

I appreciate the compositional ability of Codex. The songs you’ll find on this self-titled are damn catchy, and a little dreamy too, and most definitely diaphanous in execution. I like it because music doesn’t exist anymore, my friend: only the simulacrum of it.

Just kidding. I take back what I said, now that I’m alone, with a fat jug of rich cool chocolate milk and a chunk of fresh Gruyere. Music does exist. We need certain harmonic or melodic punchlines to guide us along; we need those strings in the labyrinth. Certain melodies return, others end, pads fatten up like ducks getting throat-fed for foie gras, because the truth of making music, experienced day by day as visibility, exhausts us, drains us of our adamantine philosophies and sometimes brings on madness. Better to pretend, conjure up, summon an unnecessary monster or the shadow of a shadow turned into a harmony, two harmonies, three harmonies aka messages in a bottle or hard drugs or windows through which, on rare occasions, one hears, for the first time, the sound of leaping into the void, aka making music, and releasing it on Bandcamp for free, as Codex has done here. Better to leap into the void then just stare at it. Don’t just stare at it, eat it, right? Yeah. Minus all the sexually fucked up shit from that scene: yes.

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