♫♪  Colin Stetson - “The Rain Like Curses”

HOW?! How did Colin Stetson record “The Rain Like Curses” - his latest thrilling, epic 10-minute-long jam released via the Adult Swim Singles Program - in one take, without any overdubs or loops? Well, I can’t actually tell you how he did it (because I genuinely have no clue), I’m just here to tell you that he did do it. And it’s incredible.

Centred around off-kilter tribal percussion and a whirlwind of solo contrabass clarinet, “The Rain Like Curses” moves through several rhythmic and thematic passages to hypnotic (and weirdly sedative) effect. Starting off at breakneck speed, it gradually slows down to reveal the track’s intricate percussive sections and the organic nature of the woodwind instrument that Stetson makes use of. This is visceral and fascinating music.

Colin Stetson, a Montreal-based avant-garde saxophonist whose critically acclaimed album All This I Do For Glory was released earlier this year, is the latest musician to join Adult Swim’s year-long Singles Program after recent contributions by Brian Eno & Kevin Shields, ABRA or Heathered Pearls. He’s no stranger to film music either, having composed scores for films like Blue Caprice, Outlaws or Angels. Listen to “The Rain Like Curses” below:

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