♫♪  competition - Clean Eating

Somewhere out in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Craig Pollard is thinking. The producer, known for hushed songwriting as rice milk and zines with his good food imprint, has been hard at work with a fresh release under a new moniker: competition. Clean Eating, the first release from the act is six dusty, low-end tracks of hypnogogic proportions, swaying and rumbling with a warm warble of runny loops and messy filtered delays. Echoing the tape musings of John Maus and R. Stevie Moore, the tape swells through ghostly, crystalline glass, refracting in a million spectral directions but still finding unity inside. Pollard peeks through the curtains with a thin, sickly whisper, a lanky, almost Bradford Cox-ian croon that reads as much “charming” as it does “left-field.” Clean Eating is a warm, thoughtful release, a healthy dose of wandering vocals against a steady mix of tight-knit noise. Check it out below and pick up the tape over on Pollard’s Bandcamp.

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