♫♪  Cool Maritime - “Climbing Up”

A good friend of mine once quipped that the best songs feel like taking a shower. Indeed, there may never be a more spirited feeling than existing at the intersection of water, motionlessness and pleasant fragrances! Ironically enough, he was never an ardent fan of personal hygiene, so I think he reserved his cleansing practices to the sonic realm alone. I’ll be sure to pass this new banger from Cool Maritime along.

The newest creation from partner of synthy-soundscape extraordinaire, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Sean Hellfritsch’s “Climbing Up” is a prelude to his full-length, Sharing Waves, out June 1 on Leaving Records. Movements from one luxurious bed of lush electronics to the next keep things refreshingly vital throughout the track. Strong images of nature, childlike exploration and wondrousness permeate the highly porous, ever-shifting surface of “Climbing Up,” which truly does feel like a joyful ascent to a higher plane. Go ahead, immerse yourself in the harmonious habitat of Cool Maritime. Or, just take a shower to it. It feels pretty great.

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