Wonder Beard Tapes is responsible for unleashing a smörgåsbord of notable chillwave releases (Waskerley Way, Blackbird Blackbird) and a cornucopia of other music that effortlessly evades categorization (Ghibli, Walsh). Now the label is scheduled to release the debut full-length of Knoxville’s ecstatic eight piece Coolrunnings, a uniquely produced effort that bristles with unrelenting percussion stabs and frantic fretwork. Dracula Is Only The Beginning will hit the metaphorical shelves September 25 in cassette format, with a thoroughly disturbing but engrossing cover (see above). Choice picks from the record include “Brunettes,” which never ceases to cause you to lurch in unexpected directions when the beat slams in. It also comes with a dose of brutally misanthropic lyrics: “I could have been with another girl/ Is she the dream or another world/ Drunk every night/ I’ve spent so many wasted.”

Stream the rest of the album for your delectation here.

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