♫♪  Cooly G - “So Deep”

Hyperdub’s Cooly G has a new track from the appropriately named upcoming LP Wait ‘Til Night. Her past work oscillates between serving an R&B “deep” and a techno “deep”, and “So Deep” goes the direction of the former, giving us the sensual taste of some after hours rendezvous, but still goes as hard as the club, the ringing of a kickdrum in your ears as you fuck in the bedroom. The straightforwardness of the lyrics are hauntingly affecting yet seem to criticize the over-simplification of emotion in R&B, or perhaps demonstrate the very direct feeling of lust.

Wait ‘Til Night is out via Hyperdub on October 21. In the meantime, bite your bedpost as you check out the oh-so-directly dirty tracklist.

1. Wait ‘Til Night
2. Like A Woman Should
3. Your Sex
4. I Like
5. Dancing
6. Quick Question
7. Want
8. So Deep
9. 1st Time
10. Freak You
11. Fuck With You
12. 3 of Us

• Cooly G: https://soundcloud.com/coolyg
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

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