A constant flickering happens before your eyes, and you can’t tell if it’s 5 or 50 feet from you. Then the illusion or hologram smiles in pockets of your vision, beckoning you to follow it, so you start running. And in spurts, it slows down to flirt with blinks, but still you’ve no vision of where you’re running to and maybe this light is something of a heart attack? Yet, you feel the burn, and actually running and stopping over and over again really gives that pump your heart needs. Them eyes feeling your body up and down. You getting curves. Sweat drips from where fat once was. Oh, wait, this is just a workout post! And the intensive here is both going hard and going NOT hard. Run and walk. Strength and endurance. Same with lifting: max out weight and the max out endurance. Go 150 lbs. one day at 6 to 8 reps each, then 100 lbs. at 15 to 30 reps each. Grind it! Just as my favorite 2013 dance cassette Hands Together by Cosby does it. Goes hard. Goes HARDER. Gives you a water break. GET’S FUCKING DEEP. Then eases into it. And “Swap” is just an example.

The tape is limited to 100 editions on 100% Silk, with a new style design from their old style, so act as fast as you can. Keep up!

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