♫♪  Cream Juice - “Bounce With Me OHIO”

And… Cream Juice returns — way worthy of italics, maybe even a few exclamation points couched within parentheses (!!)? Remember when Man Feelings took over your tape deck and all of your emotions, man or otherwise, earlier this year? Remember when the brothers Juice — one half Keith Rankin (formerly Keith Kawaii), one half Seth Graham — actually never left at all, but rather just lamped behind the curtain, beset by 360 degrees of synth, hands on more knobs than seems possible, pumping out the f r a c t u r e d tunes to which you bumped and shook your damn head all day long? I’ll wait here while you scroll down and hit the ▻ on this pooch. Later, as you gather your brain-drippings off the ground and realign your pupils, I’ll get to work on paragraphs two and three.

Hello. Yes. I am here to tell you that you do not need an excuse to “Bounce With Me OHIO.” Cream Juice has already taken care of the preliminary programming, the beat (dis)orientation, the sputters, the squelches, the amicable divorce of structure and common sense, the Korg sorcery — all those cerebral considerations. Whether or not you sit within the borders of the boys’ Buckeye State at this moment, all you have to do is bounce.

To whom do you owe this pleasure? “Bounce” appears on a mammoth digital compilation worked up by Free Form Freakout to benefit the fall pledge drive at Mankato’s KMSU radio station — alongside almost two hours of new or unreleased music from a cavalcade of the finest contemporary zoners (IBNLT: Derek Rogers, Panabrite, Charlatan, Hobo Cubes, Sparkling Wide Pressure). A donation of $40 or more hooks you up with the physical counterpart to this comp: a clear vinyl disc, housed in a sleeve designed by (the) Graham Lambkin, featuring deluxe unreleased sonics from Sean McCann, Decimus, Rambutan, and Nite Lite. To donate, keep experimental music alive on the Minnesota FM airwaves, and clutch your mega-limited physical item as tightly as you can without risking a corner ding or seam split, THIS is the link you need.

• Cream Juice: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com/cream-juice—-man-feelings.html
• 2208 Recordings: http://2208recordings.blogspot.com
• Free Form Freakout: http://fffreakout.blogspot.com

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