♫♪  Cremation Lily - The Currents Mislead

Eerie and alluring, Cremation Lily’s The Currents Mislead is rhythmic and enigmatic, feeling both dark and light at the same time. The tones and melodies create a crisp juxtaposition; a motionless autumn evening accented with the hissing of fallen leaves sweeping across sidewalks in the wind, a dark sky underscored with the ambient glow of city lights; a reminder of human presence in a seemingly desolate landscape. A symmetry of isolation and comfort achieved through each note, like a solace only found in peaceful and willing solitude.

Beginning minimally at first, The Currents Mislead builds steadily into a complex harmony of sound, like the shedding of oak leaves at season’s end, beginning first with the graceful fall of one leaf at a time and building, gradually yet steadily, into a flurry of falling, a balance of gentle flow and a chaotic placidity. The piece flows with deliberateness yet progresses naturally, beautifully crafted without feeling contrived.

The Currents Mislead is one of the latest works from artist Zen Zsigo’s primary project Cremation Lily through Strange Rules.

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