When mechanical samples are charged upside depictions of wildlife, a distinct bitterness is often left behind that amplifies incompatible forces. But when the mix is accomplished with care, it can be most affecting; instead of ad-hoc displays in opposition, there exists a fusion, a meeting point that allows for potential in the two approaches working together. Such visions are often explored in electronic music with varying intent; as a conscious reflection of environmental detriment, as “consolidations of Utopian excess,” or for the sheer thrill of aesthetic alignment.

On his debut offering, Greg Saldate (a.k.a. Creme, a.k.a. Mazzy Star’s nephew!) makes a series of charming juxtapositions, which integrate conflicting ideals in the confides of his 28-minute beat-tape, Lush. Saldate’s recordings have been prepared specifically for cassette, and they sound superb in their blending of rainforest imagery, scraps of dialogue, and the hip-hop beat that fastens it all delicately together à la D/P/I.

Rolling out of Pasadena, CA, Colossal Tapes’ second release finds Creme bridging abstract vocal samples with snippets of Chinese harp, fumbled currency, and an ever-present aquatic drift that swirls throughout this gorgeous sonic collage.

Listening to Lush on its intended format comes highly recommended — grab your copy here and check out the Bandcamp stream while you wait for it to arrive!

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