♫♪  Cristián Alvear - seis pequeñas piezas para guitarra

I could tell you about my day but it would take one day to tell it. Alvear expresses time at this synchronous pace. His systematic, minimalist compositions for solo guitar speak to a hereafter that’s not here and not after. One like another as one by another. Something secret you can experience on the street, quietly, at a distance when there is no option for an actual remove.

Forced to read the eloquence of silence, I ponder the ambiguous order of secondary vibrations. The order, there, where the real tone of our lives takes form. I have dreamed so much of this thing that now I am actually living it. Selectively and delicately. Prolonged and limited. This is the content of time. And then: then.

Alvear has previously released on labels such as Edition Wandelweiser Records and caduc., and has collaborated with canonical contemporary composers such as Jürg Frey, Sarah Hennies, Michael Pisaro, and Taku Unami. seis pequeñas piezas para guitarra is out now on cassette via Beijing’s esoteric Zoomin’ Night.

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