♫♪  Crystal Stilts - “Star Crawl”

So, Sacred Bones Records sold their soul to ABC, but they’ve kept consistently good with their picks to press: Pharmakon, Vår, Case Studies, etc. But what’ll end my life this year is the new T-Buggins and Crystal Stilts album Nature Noir. Russian Tsarlag’s “Become Solid” has been emotionally hard enough this year, but “Star Crawl” gives that same sort of desolate abandonment, only more on the local garage-rock show hosted by the hobo who lives in the empty mill at the end of town. Only 10 people are there, swaying, one crying; the hobo is yelling out of his tent; two guys are making out slowly on a pile of plastic bottles; and lots of different kinds and colors of smoke collect in a cloud, chimneying out, as the mill has no roof. Nobody sees. And then it starts to drizzle, sparks flicker off Crystal Stilts’ equipment, only searing a more scrum-driven sound of fuzz into the patrons’ ears, either passed out on the ground soaking or slowly sway-grinding into a mess of wet.

This is the first release from Crystal Stilts since all dat shit they birthed in 2011. Their new album Nature Noir pops on Sacred Bone Records September 17th. Happiness!

• Crystal Stilts: http://www.crystalstilts.com
• Sacred Bones: http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com

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