♫♪  Cube - “Habit” / “Aura War”

They don’t take me seriously, and that’s their problem. They look at me sideways, like I’m some kinda sideshow, some kinda freak on the fringe. Not me baby, I ain’t no square — I’m all Cube.

Whatever! Adam Keith plays me out, down Decoy Street, through Oakland, pumping visceral one-man cassette-damaged industrial post-punk through my earbuds, daring me to roll the nearest sucker. I’m a scrapper, street champ, urban brawler, ready for action. Ready today.

Superior Viaduct don’t pay me no salary, Mom! Cube don’t pay me no salary, Mom! Neither does W.25TH. I listen to Cube when I wanna fight, and right now I wanna rumble! I wanna mix it up, raise some dust, knock a coupla fools flat!

Cube’s like if you ran a metal chain over a magnetic tape head instead of tape stock. A chain affixed with all manner of barbed implements. Run it through, over and over, half speed. That’s how my blood feels as it’s pumping in my veins right now.

Don’t flinch when Decoy Street drops March 29 on W.25TH, a subsidiary of Superior Viaduct. Here’s “Habit” and “Aura War” till then to set you off.

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