♫♪  cuddle formation - here i’ll be forever

The turmoil stirred up the past year foamed over the rocky edge and there are now thousands of fragmented pieces gathering at the bottom, shouting up and rising. One falling onto another, building mass, gathering the nutrient rich brush and wide-rooted trees around them. The roar is impossible to ignore for those floating in rafts and tubes up on top. The signs are scribbled and varied, but clear. Togetherness in positivity battling exclusionist toxicity. From the bed of weeds below it all seems so far but atop one growing, thunderous sound everything is ours.

One wave from the sound is shining out from cuddle formation’s latest album here i’ll be forever. Three years of searching for, compiling, and annotating experiences a community forged bulb was born. The music of Noah Klein (a.k.a. cuddle formation, f.k.a. philip seymour hoffman) is the environment and space he desires and inspires. Warm organic loops of field grown guitar, soft vocals, distant swirls and plucks, and bodily percussion all feel like spring grass. here i’ll be forever is a solid deep breath and feels nice between toes.

Stream here i’ll be forever and swoop the limited run cassette here.

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