♫♪  Cult Favorite - MADMENXX_B_ [Versions]

One year ago today, Cult Favorite mollywhopped the rap world upside its headpiece with the release of For Madmen Only, a revolutionary meditation on collective psychosis that, although internally hailed by the prog rap scene that birthed it, was unfortunately and unjustly overlooked by much of the outside world. That being said, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it came out that Kanye West was bumping FME while he was in the final stages of crafting Yeezus.

Anyway, one year later:

To mark the first anniversary of the critically acclaimed release For Madmen Only, Cult Favorite (Elucid & A.M. Breakups) sought out the assistance of some of their favorite associates and producers to freely reinterpret various pieces of the album.

Every artist involved in MADMENXX_B_ paints a new backdrop to Elucid’s vicious and meaningful lyrics and samples, creating a brilliant new interpretation of the album that critics and fans alike agree is already a classic in the eyes of the NYC underground.

To my surprise, there are still some vinyl copies left of that limited-edition “classic,” so you buy now, and stream MADMENXX_B_ [Versions] below. ‘Nuff respect due to Cult Favorite for adopting some dub lingo in calling these remixes “versions,” by the way.

• Cult Favorite: http://cultfavorite.com
• Reservoir Sound: http://reservoirsound.com

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