♫♪  CV & JAB — Zin Taylor - “Fingers of Thought”

While “Fingers of Thought” is performed by Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett who collaborate as CV & JAB (has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?), the piece doesn’t feel like it’s played by anyone. It just is; like a cloud, weightless; empty, yet so expressive; simple, yet pure and meaningful. This starts making more sense when you learn that CV & JAB actually wrote this piece to image - “Fingers of Thought” is a soundtrack to a series of wall drawings by Zin Taylor - and when you stop thinking of it as a song. Simply put, this piece is an atmosphere. And into it you may delve.

The full album titled Thoughts of a Dot as it Travels a Surface releases in mid-February via French imprint Shelter Press. Listen below and order some neat-looking vinyl too, if you’re into that. Only 700 copies.

And yes, I know! TMT already covered this in the News section! Sure. But I enjoyed it so much that you had to read about it again. Or maybe you didn’t read it, who knows. But I sure hope you listened.

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