♫♪  Dågur - “Kenosis”

Records released in December tend to get overlooked — mostly due to the shift in focus for publications including this one — during the “year in music” coverage. Not to get all critical on year-end lists and retrospectives (I’m not very big on them, honestly), it’s just the nature of the “business.” Thankfully, Seattle’s Debacle Records slipped a little EP into our stockings just in time for the holidays, one “for the true Debacle heads.”

Kenosis comes from Michigan’s Dågur, and it’s a seasonally appropriate dark and droned out CD. As Debacle themselves said (roughly), “[This one is for the drone freaks, so if that ain’t you, maybe you’ll want to try something else out from the label]” (Sam and Rachel conveniently typed up a “State of the Label” post back in December). For those veering towards the former category, you’ll find that Kenosis is a quick listen, yet one that reveals its qualities after a few listens. This isn’t some quickie “dump month” release, so flush out your New Year’s hangover already and give this one a listen below:

• Debacle Records: http://www.debaclerecords.com

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