♫♪  Daktyl feat. Krrum - “The Act of Hesitation”

Does moving to L.A. make people sad? On Daktyl’s new single, “The Act of Hesitation,” the recent Southland transplant seems to have left all the jungle breaks and Bonobo-tourmate-appropriate drops back in his native London in exchange for something a little more wistful.

Capturing an introversion maybe more natural to a colder British climate, this track suggests driving alone down Wilshire Boulevard during the most somber sunset ever. Fellow countryman Krrum completes the vibe with a pen-pal vocal assist pretty much asking “You making friends out there, mate?” It’s a good look, like putting on extra big sunglasses to discreetly cry behind.

Daktyl’s new LP, also called The Act of Hesitation, drops June 20 on Ninja Tune imprint Counter.

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