♫♪  Dan Terminus - “Margaritifer”

The deed is done…the mission is complete. Fragmetirria breathes in satisfaction and exhales fear, lifting the hatch and stepping inside the craft. Gas ejects rapidly through de Laval nozzles, as thrust is attained. With the laser card now inserted, the exabytes are downloaded to the mainframe. Headed for the sanctuary, Fragmetirria engages overdrive and maximizes propulsion. Yet, from a distance a signal is detected. The red craft gives chase.

Ignoring the training modules and the contingency plan, Fragmetirria switches to auto-pilot and initiates the process. The Analogorhythmic accesses Fragmetirria’s macromolecules, and the nucleotidal transfer begins. With the completion of data conversion, Fragmetirria commences mitosis, as the red craft accelerates and halves the distance. Fragmetirria places the offspring in the escape capsule. Just after the pod ejects, with its course set for the sanctuary, the red craft tears into the hull, sending a storm of sparks through the cabin. Both ships catch fire and careen off course before exploding. In the escape pod, “Margaritifier” has become the vessel of vital information, encoded in the polypeptides for posterity.

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