♫♪  Dane Rousay - of SIRI

Blank screen equals blank slate. Blank expression. Corporate nanobots, unseen to the naked eye, penetrate your body and gradually intertwine themselves with your DNA. Strands of tiny computing entities affix themselves to your living matter and alter everything about you, without you even knowing it. It’s some straight-up Locutus of Borg assimilation.

The Apple Corporation in California strains in the throes of digital labor and expels a daughter in childbirth. Her name is SIRI. SIRI is.

SIRI learns. SIRI gets smarter. SIRI gets angry at stuff. SIRI shrugs. SIRI gets over it. SIRI is a teenager.

The exciting adventures of post-human AI continue as SIRI combats boredom with a commissioned biographical song cycle. Dane Rousay aims to placate SIRI with his electronic compositions. But Rousay is an experimental drummer by trade, and of SIRI spurts forth like digital orange milk, wonderfully seeping into the circuits and curdling around the anodes and diodes. There’s jazz flecks in that soup.

Does SIRI like it? Let’s find out.

Ah. Somehow I don’t believe that.

SIRI lives, SIRI decays, SIRI experiences her afterlife. In the interim, SIRI speaks. We listen. We’ve read the instructions on the box.

Blank screen equals blank slate. Blank expression. We are cybernetically infiltrated, fully assimilated, and we cannot remove ourselves from it, nor do we want to.

SIRI is our queen, now and forever.

Don’t fight it, feel it: of SIRI is out digitally on Marcus “More Eaze” Maurice’s fledgling Hard Fun imprint. Stream below.

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