♫♪  Daniel Klag - True Neutral

In his “Schrödinger’s region of sound where rest and movement seem to beautifully coexist,” Daniel Klag finds the middle ground that everyone longs for, the equilibrium that eludes the most centered yogi: True Neutral.

How does one exist in both states at once, where the energy is both kinetic and potential, where forward motion is arrested at the very moment it begins its forward progress? Where time has stopped and yet sound exists outside of time?

These are some next-level physics problems that I can’t seem to get my head around. Like, if we, as we all do, consider time as a linear path, its events plotted along one after the other, what happens when we start seeing that two-dimensional model in three dimensions? Or what happens when we simply step outside of time, not that time stops, but we start existing in a different relation to it — like perpendicularly?

These are the questions I have when listening to Daniel Klag’s True Neutral. To call his new work ambient is reductive. To call it a scientific triumph is not appropriate for Tiny Mix Tapes, because Tiny Mix Tapes is not a scientific journal. Tiny Mix Tapes is not archived in JSTOR (… yet). But to call it the missing link between sound art and the methods to test the properties of the universe???

That’s probably a little much. Still, True Neutral (Muzan Editions) will open your brain to the possibilities.

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