♫♪  Daniela Stewart - Up Yet Dated

Daniela Stewart phones home to ciz, gets the machine. Dials into AI. Interferes with devices. Knows who you are. Tries to live on science alone. Manipulates data. Deploys agents. New order later.

Some sell security. Some sell terror. Some cash in.

Daniela Stewart toasts to Kraftwerk; makes toast to Kraftwerk. There’s a global real time transmission. Some Frankenstein creates a new myth. Rumors. Rupert. Reggae. Misremembered Seymour. All these children and grandchildren of fascists. A certain policy. Lets all make some money.

Shaved, from scratch. Formed, into the cold market. Designed, a product placement. Conducted, a work around. Readymade youth. Thrown into institutions; thrown in the market. Strange idols. Perfected arts. Abstract education. What you buy, and what you get. Floss for nothing and cookies for free. Permissions. Fashion lovers. Are these lifestyle issues?

Life, if you have done that in this yet.

This is how you proceed. Simple decisions in the market. Established equals good. Minds made up so seriously about it. Everybody can be in the perfect place and follow a golden path. Trapped in between monsters of theory in a supermarket of ideas. Radical constructivists of monoculture act as if the world was theirs. Cold blooded imperial think tanks. Monsters are held as pets.

Possessions. Designer violence. Atavistic regressions.

Who did that to me? Nobody likes being wrong. The need to feel valued is an intrinsic human desire. It’s natural to want to be right. Analyzing is so often so paralyzing. Enlist alternative viewpoints. If you arrive at one conclusion you can later adapt to another. Keep on moving and improve on the fly.

Here comes huge cognitive stress. I am sequencing cognitive shortcuts. These manipulation schemes won’t work. A cyberpunk’s motivation is not intrinsic. This is utter diffusion. Ecological alibis for holistic experiments. Hearts, minds, seas, spaces, and the cybersphere. Surf the world.

Must be a war going on. Huge loses call for compensation, and everybody’s so turned on. Who keeps you clean all day? Sex and justice. Here she comes, in the ruins. It’s the sex and death dogma. Here they come. Lover’s Rock. A heavy face plant. A breath out.

I’m not thinking. This is all Daniela Stewart and friends speaking for Up Yet Dated. Listen in.

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